Thursday, September 8, 2011

U.S. Air Force Aux-Civil Air Patrol Services Communities Across The Nation.

Civil Air Patrol services communities across the nation with the help of 61,000 citizen volunteers.

The wing began preparations Thursday for the hurricane by moving aircraft out of the path of the storm and alerting members to prepare for ground team, aircrew and mission base tasking. CAP liaison officers have been integrated into MEMA’s Maryland Joint Operations Center since Saturday.

The wing’s incident command post at Martin State Airport began operations Sunday, conducting damage assessment operations once the hurricane had passed.

“Our whole process is based on pre-planning,” said Col. Gerard Weiss, the command post’s planning section chief. “We have standard operational plans ready to go for scenarios such as search and rescue, disaster relief and safeguarding the wing’s aircraft during a hurricane.

As events unfold, these plans are activated and the wing springs into action.

Members had the opportunity in early June to practice responding to a very similar scenario during the biennial evaluation of the wing’s capability to safely and effectively execute the Air Force’s noncombat search and rescue mission. The scenario for this year’s evaluation, for which the wing received the top rating of “highly successful,” was a hurricane that caused extensive damage when it made landfall in Maryland.

As part of the exercise, the wing responded to tasking from MEMA by conducting air and ground missions to assess theoretical damage.

“We practiced activating our operational plans, and we used the same procedures,” said Weiss, who also served as an incident commander during the exercise.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meritorious Service Awards Presented At NY Wing Civil Air Patrol 2009

Civil Air Patrol NER-219 Service Awards
Lt. Margie Tummolo serves NY Wing Civil Air Patrol since 2006

28 April 2009

NY 219 Civil Air Patrol Squadron Meeting 28 April 2009,
The meeting began at 7:30pm
The following awards were presented.
* The “Red Ribbon” for 2 years of meritorious service was presented to the following members: Lt.Gasparino Lt.Semsel Lt.Cipriano Lt.Stern Lt.Tummolo
*The “Find Ribbon” was awarded to Lt. Margie Tummolo for service during an ELT Mission on 12 December 2008.

East Coast members of NY Wing Civil Air Patrol providing assistance after Irene

Civil Air Patrol members along the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to Maine, are stepping up to provide assistance in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

New York Wing:

In New York, six members of the wing’s South Eastern Group volunteered to assist at two local city shelters before the storm’s arrival at the request of Yonkers’ Office of Emergency Management.

The CAP officer in charge, Capt. Jose Ruiz, was assisted by 1st Lt. Joe Wolf; 2nd Lts. Margie Tummolo, Johnny Gonzalez and Nelson Dossantos; and Senior Member Kleiver Gomez. All are members of the Amelia Earhart Cadet Squadron, except for Tummolo, from the Anthony Wilsea Cadet Squadron.

The cadets worked at two of the city’s shelters at a local high school and the Police Athletic League Headquarters by bringing in food and setting up sleeping cots for more than 40 people who had evacuated their homes.

“The CAP members did an outstanding job and our assistance was greatly appreciated,” Ruiz said. “We were glad to be able to render the people of our community assistance, and more folks now know about the services CAP is capable of providing.”

-- Capt. James A. Ridley Sr., Public Information Officer, New York Wing